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Family Apothecary

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The Family Apothecary Box

A necessity for every family, no matter the size, for everyday needs to combat infection, viruses, fungus, and the list goes on.


Lavender Essential Oil

The most healing essential oil. apply topically immediately after a burn or cut. discomfort is gone Cuts heal almost overnight.


Bite & Sting Roller

An insect bite hasn't got a chance, spider bites are reduced quickly (brown recluse and black widow). Topically apply many times each day, and watch it diminish. 


CSA Tincture

Cryptolepis, Sida, and Alchornea, three of the top herbal antibiotics available for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterium. Effective against the Myriad of maladies with little or no gastric distress. Take internally.


Houttuynia Tincture

Antiviral super herb, effective against Cyrus Corona influenza A/B H, simplex, and the list continues. take internally.


Artemisia Tincture

A fungus and parasite tincture to be taken internally. Assists and removal of the nasty problems systemically.


Wellness Essential Oil & Cream

Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, and so much more. A sanitizer for all areas. cream may be used for scratchy throat and congestion. Topically application of cream and oil. Some persons choose to use a drop in water for additional assistance.


Congestaway Essential Oil and Cream

Without a doubt, the bomb for breathing respiratory distress. Asthmatic and COPD conditions are benefited instantly. Topical applications.


Bergamot Essential Oil

The depression eraser and does so many more things. Elevates mood, assists the body in assimilating water for better hydration, and energizes with its citrus elements.


Elderberry Tincture

A glycerin-based tincture to be taken internally to boost the immune system. A treat but is stout.


Wellness Antibacterial Soap

In a glycerin base, wonderful in all aspects. 

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