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Your Clothing Can Impact Your Health!

Your Clothing Can Impact Your Health!

Posted by Connie Jacoby, ND PMA on Dec 5th 2023

Do you know the effects of the fibers you wear? 

Our bodies are made of molecules, which are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons… The very beginnings of everything, including plants and other animals.

These elements are frequency based by their basis. Now, the understanding of the function of our body made of these elements shouldn’t surprise us. If a circuit can not be completed, there is a break in continuity and effectiveness. 

Fabrics have frequencies (made of atoms). Natural fibers are not only protective but also can be healing by raising the frequency of a person's body and its ability to heal. 

Our body’s frequency is between 170 and 200. Cotton and flannels are 200 to 210; Wool is 5,000, and Linen from flax is 5,000. Silk and cashmere/pashmina blended are between 160 and 220. Hemp and bamboo are plant-based. Linen sheets were used in the past to assist in healing in hospitals. The biblical reference is apparent in linen and clothing made from plant fibers. All of these materials are important in health and healing.

Lycra, fleece from plastics and man-made materials are detrimental to our health. Spandex and plastic/petrollium-produced materials may feel soft but have frequencies that lower our body’s ability to be healthy. A very ill person may have a frequency of 35, whereas a lycra element is 36 or 37. When our body touches fabrics with lower frequencies, it reduces our system's frequency and ability to be healthy or ward off viruses, bacteria, and other nasties. Lowering your body's frequency does self-harm. I will email a chart of the frequencies of natural fibers if I receive a message request. 

Don’t throw out all your clothing but begin replacing slowly. 

Peace and Good Health,

Connie & Crew

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