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The Mind-Body Connection to Your Health

The Mind-Body Connection to Your Health

Posted by Connie Jacoby, Naturopathic Health Consultant on Mar 6th 2024

As intelligent people, we always seek the answers and truth. This is exceptionally true with the topic of health. From the past, when our elders showed us how information was passed forward by their ancestors, until now, lightning-speed internet and information are at our fingertips. Companies often contaminate information with not pure or even downright unethical agendas. What are we to believe? We have just witnessed over two years of disinformation with COVID-19 and the ”authorities and medical professionals” clearly being deceptive for profit. Our country's leaders are being hoodwinked and deceived in a fashion unheard of.

Let's return to the days of textbook information from earlier times. Our systems and physiologic beings have not mutated from the beginning. We haven’t grown gills or developed x-ray vision.

Research of the mind and brain hasn’t increased our knowledge base more than 5 to 10% since the 1950’s. Our untapped mind resource is still connected to the rest of our body and is what runs the show. The brain is made of fatty tissue and trillions of neuronal pathways like electrical lines, connecting vision, motor, memory, cognition, storage, and communication paths between our systems, not limited to those mentioned. Our brain and Mind can do so many more things. We have gotten lax in usage and exercising it. We actually don’t feed it very well, either. Hydration is essential to our systems and our brain. Dehydration can cause bacteria, fungi, and yeast to grow and make us very ill. If our brain isn’t hydrated well, it can actually shrink, which can cause neurons to decrease signaling and dementia-like systems. I want all facts to be out in the open to encourage healthy participation in your future health.

Aromatherapy and diffusing essential oils are tools all people should use. Essential oils with vasodilating (relaxing vessels) effects will relax and allow a more excellent mind-body experience and connection. Lavender, Peace and Calm Rosewood, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang are a few beneficial types. Palmarosa is a powerhouse, and Lymph Massage assists with effectiveness almost instantly, as you will see.

Many people utilize their body's chakras to empower, energize, increase their abilities, and improve their minds.To assist with this trend, we're proud to introduce our new line of Chakra Essential Oils. Inspired by ancient wisdom and crafted for the modern seeker, these blends are designed to harmonize and enhance your body's energy centers, guiding you towards a balanced and enlightened path to well-being.

Our Positivity, when used daily and with the best intent, is powerful. Positive affirmations, visualization, healthy fasting, diet, releasing negative energies, and prayer/meditation can heal your body, paired with hydration. Believing in yourself and your ability to increase your mental capacity with exercise, reflexology, massage, intentional breathing, and lymph massage will change your life and those around you.

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