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Revolutionizing Pain Management: Understanding Types and Innovative Treatments from Hydration to CBD

Revolutionizing Pain Management: Understanding Types and Innovative Treatments from Hydration to CBD

Posted by Connie Jacoby, Naturopathic Health Consultant on Feb 1st 2024

One thing we all have experienced is pain. Let’s look at the types; muscular, neurologic, bone, inflammation based. It’s either one or combination of all. Trauma, whether from injury or emotional stress (may be as debilitating as a break or tissue damage). Many times we disregard the necessity of hydration. We are fluid animals. 94% to be exact, dehydration is necessary to address our systems. They can’t function, transport nutrients, or maintain a healthy state without fluid. Hydration will decrease the incidence of headache that issues vision and overall healing.

Traumatic injury/pain can only be benefited with several applications including hot and or cold compresses, like massage (to increase blood flow), utilizing an anti-inflammatory such as CBD as its plant-based, Miranda and/or turmeric will also reduce inflammation so that your body can heal. Our receptors for each of these types of inflammatory items are different and respond differently especially when combined with simple techniques of massage the hot and cold packs and elevation.

The introduction of CBD into the marketplace as changed much of the preconceived ideas from years past. Adding essential oil combinations to assist in decreasing eradicates pain in a way that we’ve never been able to before. Topical application of carrier creams with CBD and essential oils. For example IO for pain, Godzilla, Frank, and green and others give up the highest and best possible response. These not block pain neurons but heal and reduce the inflammation both at the site and systemwide.

Utilizing plant-based materials will assimilate in your body much more effectively and have little to no side effects. Unlike NSAIDs like Tylenol and for ibuprofen. They can result in damage to your liver or ulcers and or liver failure. The pain neurons are blocked when using NSAIDs. Not used to heal the body.

The choice is yours look further on blogs and informational site and or email if you have questions. This blog addresses neuropathy, generalized pain, muscle pain, bone pain and emotional pain. If you will look at the lens of neuropathy, government and leisure of CBD crane the absorption rates of those claims including Godzilla and PO for pain when topically applied, will be from 3 to 5 minutes and sometimes up to 15 to 30, but it will be systemwide at the 30 minute level. I appreciate your attention and look forward to hearing from you with questions at wise women botanicals@yahoo.com. Connie Jacoby, Naturopathic Health Consultant

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