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Fueling the Perfect Machine: How Diet, Hydration, & Lifestyle Choices Sculpt Our Health

Fueling the Perfect Machine: How Diet, Hydration, & Lifestyle Choices Sculpt Our Health

Posted by Connie Jacoby, Naturopathic Healthcare Consultant on Feb 6th 2024

We are a product of many influences our lives, our DNA and heritage. Of course, is the beginning. The generations before us. Give us our foundation with which to build on. Our nurturing and emotional upbringing built on the foundation that’s been started. The region in which we live, contributes also so the factor that has been the greatest influence overall is the fuel that we feed our perfect machine. Since of course in the beginning. Mother’s milk influence and as we continue the growth stages or diet becomes most important. (An engine cannot run on poor fuel. So remember this.) A great percentage of processed foods are not healthy as fillers and sugars are added to enhance flavor and increase the addictive process.

Raising your own vegetables and food including poultry products is one of the most reliable ways to have a clean and healthy diet. Eradicating white products such as sugar, white flour, lactose products and processed foods will help your systems to function and heal themselves in the right way. We should be getting all of our vitamins and minerals from our foods instead of by taking supplements. If we need to supplement with vitamin or a complex to allow us to be at optimum health. Then we should choose one that has no animal products or byproducts in it.

Hydration is a optimum item in our diet, we should be drinking at least half of our body weight in ounces every single day, caffeinated products will diaries and cause you to be dehydrated. Having a cup or two of coffee or tea is not harmful. However whole pot is way too much okay.

Green tea is one of the very best items that you can use as fluid as it also helps to boost your immune system and fight cancer and other debilitating diseases. Alkaline water or a higher pH water should be utilized because things bacteria, viruses, ATC can’t grow in an alkaline environment. Your system will be much more healthy and you will feel better overall. Every single day. We lose sales and make new cells we should look at those things to be able to know how we feel and why we don’t feel well. Exercise and stretching our necessary to maintain good posture which supports your spinal system and bone health. Not to mention your internal organs don’t get squashed like they do when we don’t stand up straight or we sit slumped.

One of the most detrimental postures is to sit in a chair and work at a computer or work on your cell phone. You’re sitting in your cutting off blood flow and at the same time you’re bending over to cause your spine to not be upright and your systems to have less nutrients throughout the not to mention your gut system. Also, not being able to work as well as it should. Walking is very important. Stretching is exceedingly important as we age our systems become compacted, meaning your spine, you lose car age in your spine. You lose height and your overall internal systems will have to be in a less appropriate area.

Utilizing your hands to help with drainage of your lymph system by lymph massage is most important. Her neck area has over 85 lymph glands , we should massage from the spine around to the esophagus gently with gentle pressure to express these lymph glands as they are the ones that are closest to our brain and are easiest to massage. The next area is between biceps and triceps on each arm from your elbow up to your armpit. You express them by gentle pressure from the elbow to the armpit and separate the biceps and triceps at least three rotations per arm. The next area is your axillary which is your armpit. You reach behind your armpit and swipe up into the armpit and down to the cup of the breast with your alternate hand you do that three times on each side. For lower body can be assisted by utilizing pressure from your inner thigh, knee up to the crotch. Separate the muscle to get to next to the bone where the arteries and the lymph glands. Gentle pressure is used and each inner thigh area should be done in rotation of three times. Once you utilize lymph massage you will find your system feels better overall and your urine may smell a little strong for a couple of days. Those days you need to hydrate a bit more. Remember, your vision, and I health is important with hydration because it’s a very viscous system. If you’re dehydrated you can develop urinary tract infections, bladder infections, your vision can be affected, your cardiovascular health is also affected( your blood is a fluid so let’s keep it moving) and your gut health will be diminished.

If you have specific questions with regards to your systems. Please feel free to email them to wise women botanicals@yahoo.com. I appreciate your attention.

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