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Essential Oils and their Amazing Benefits

Essential Oils and their Amazing Benefits

Posted by Connie Jacoby, ND on Aug 22nd 2023

The plant world is a miraculous world. A plant producing a fine molecular substance must have five elements, making a Quintessential Oil. It was easier to say essential oil even though it takes air, water, soil, sun and the living force of a live plant to produce this amazing product. When the distillation process occurs (there are a number of process types) the life force of the plant is taken; in that way the healing miracle occurs. 

The molecules are so fine they are easily absorbed in the air you breathe, thus aromatherapy was created. We all know the most rapid forms of “medicines” are inhaled. In less than 5 seconds the micro molecules are attaching to oxygen molecules and entering your blood stream… No doubt about it very fast and effective. 

All essential oils have a frequency like electronics. Our bodies are made up of organs and materials which are unique in the same way, each having a unique frequency. The oils most effective for each of our organs and components of our body are of the same frequency as those oils. Ie. Carrot Seed Oil is a frequency of 6, our liver is also a frequency of 6, therefore Carrot Seed Oil is the most effective essential oil for our liver to heal and regenerate that organ. Topical application is recommended and within minutes to a day you will feel a difference in your biliary system. Inhalation is also effective in that way. Knowing frequencies and the counterparts have allowed the science of essential oils to become a viable, effective therapy. Wise Women Botanicals Essential Oil Blends may be utilized in a number of transportation modes. Allow us to assist you in your health and wellness journey utilizing Essential Oils. 

Precautionary Note: Essential oils may not be used directly on children under 13 years of age without a carrier. Essential Oils are volatile, do not heat or use with heating appliances. Essential Oils may be caustic and/or may burn or cause irritation. Never ingest an essential oil without consulting an alternative medical professional.

Many years ago our apothecary pharmacies used ground plants, herbs and various formulas to “make” our medicine. Our elders were the persons we went to for instruction. Oils and elements of the same sort are now being used again for our healing. Lets return to our heritage.

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