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Posted by Connie Jacoby, ND PMA on Aug 14th 2023

Depression and other self defeating maladies. Depression is caused by a reduction in the serotonin or dopamine chemicals in our brain. At times of stress our systems use more and if the supply can’t keep up with the demand there we go into the pit… What is the first step to reducing depression or increasing serotonin/dopamine levels. We must realize we are not perfect and no matter the causative factor if our system doesn’t produce enough happy chemicals we should look at a very simple solution.. Positive affirmation. When that appears to not be effective add Niacinamide (Buffered B-3) The respo9nse to 1000mg of this supplement is amazing. It is actually the antidepressant vitamin, in the buffered form Not Plain Niacin. Buffered niacinamide elevates your mood, assists in reducing cholesterol AND aids in cardiovascular health. I want all of that! Your system will flush any overages as niacinamide is water soluble and we are 94% water, right? Without a doubt a win-win situation. When the stress level reduces or we ingest more veggies with B-3 in them we are back on track. Amazing the small things which are miracles! 

Connie Jacoby, ND PMA 

Where have we heard this and for how long??? A positive mental attitude will make or break a diet plan, relationship, forms of treatment of disease and the list continues. Affirmations of ourselves increase our value to ourselves and increase our body’s ability to heal. 

I am a person intelligent and empathetic to needs of my family and friends.” 

I am compassionate and thoughtful to others.” 

I am proud of my accomplishments and my perseverance.” 

I am hardworking and ethical in my pursuits.” 

I try to improve my mind and keep an open mind to others opinions.” 

I am truthful and honest in my life choices.” 

Forgiving others is a valuable and positive emotion.” 

Practice will improve your mental attitude

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