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Cancer Plan of Care

Cancer Plan of Care

Posted by Connie Jacoby, ND, BSN on Jul 25th 2023

First and foremost, Diet and Nutrition is paramount in the care and feeding of the body fighting Cancer (an overgrowth of cells in a particular location of the body. Our immune system was given the power to maintain health and wellness for our lifetime, so what went awry. The processed food industry for profits and control in addition to the pharmaceutical industry and its need for greed in our lives.

A pure diet of red and green vegetables, protein from clean sources like fish and poultry and essential oils provided by vegetables should have been our fare. Even fish and poultry are culprits in the production of mucous and impurities our gut does not process purely. So… Green veggies, Brussel sprouts, cabbage family elements, red veggies peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, pure citrus fruits, grapefruit is a great element for detoxing also as well as providing fluid and nutrients. Juicing these veggies will give you all the good and allow your body to maintain balance. If juicing isn’t something you wish to start at first, begin with the par cooked veggies. Crisper and save the water/broth to use or ingest.

Now for the difficult part, reducing sugars to total elimination. Sugars of all kinds feed cancer like crack to an addict. Start by reducing all processed foods to zero. Almost all processed foods have sugar… it is addictive and will do no good. I mean do you really need sugar? An elimination diet, to reduce sugar usage by 25% (or more) each week until eliminated works amazingly. Next is Carbs. All carbs convert to sugar and here we are again… Feeding the cancer. This step is just like the elimination of sugar. Reduce carbs by 25% each week (more if possible) until you reach zero. Lastly, the element of gluten, the factor which reduces the guts’ ability to function, holds mucous and bacteria, fungus and other bad elements. Guess where you find gluten… in processed foods… Surprise. NOT!

All meats, poultry and other types of protein produce gel-like substances ... mucous that slows and clogs the gut. If you do not have good absorption in the gut how are nutrients supposed to find their way to your systems to feed you naturally. The absorption of cancer fighting elements is necessary in this fight. Great Reads, any of the Charlotte Gerson Books… I have a number of them, and The Little Cyanide Cookbook is a super source for B-17 foods.

On to other modalities… Frankincense Essential Oil and Boswellia Capsules. Both contain the power to cause an effect in cancer retardation and reduction of tumors. Topically Frankincense EO is amazing as its micro molecules are absorbed instantly and are in the capillary system in 15 to 30 minutes and when applied in the area of concern those capillaries feed the area of concern (tumor, overgrowth of cells) directly. How about that for effective. Adding Bitter Almond EO to the mix in most cases is a win-win situation as Bitter Almond EO is made of Laetrile, Cyanide for cancer, amygdaline …All the same thing just different terms. Like plants have two or three names… Artemesia, Mugwort, Wormwood… yep all the same. The combo of Bitter Almond EO and Frankincense has been effective in basal Cell carcinoma and melanoma as they are present on the skin and are evident to the naked eye. The carcinoma cells on the interior of our body are of or attached to skin cells also as skin makes up the largest organ and covers all organs, is the component of veins, arteries and sooo much more. In this manner, topical application the combo can attack the rampant cell growth post haste and also effect the rest of the systems too.

Twice or three times each day for topical administration is my recommendation to start. A drop iis adequate as each drop has millions of micro molecules, almost as many as you have cells in your body. That is why as the combo is absorbed it will work and begin immediately. Essential oils are that way. Another Essential Oil to fight cancer is Cumin EO… applied to the bottoms of your feet (I personally don’t care for the aroma but it is effective and your palms of your hands and the soles of your feet have the largest pores and will absorb immediately and effectively.

Now we have two available treatments. Our food and Essential Oils. Next lets go on to Bitter Apricot Kernel seeds. The motherload of B-17 (Laetrile) and the forms to be utilized. In actuality we were never supposed to core and remove the seeds of apples, pears etc for those also have the power of B-17 in them the apples should be eaten completely core etc as the core provides roughage for cleaning our gut. Bitter Apricot seeds should be chewed as the mastication process adds to the effectiveness and release of the B-17. Our own saliva allows wetting of the broken-down seeds and the sublingual glands absorb the highest percentage of the B-17 rapidly and while the balance proceeds to our gut and digestive system for further usage the first hit to our system is through the sublingual a rapid absorption sort of like nitro… You get it?12 to 14 per day should be utilized up to 20, may be used over a period of 12 hours. Just get them in. Capsules are also available and ground meal for alternative ways of ingestion.

Are you ready for a story, it is a great one. Numbers of years ago a native Canadian produced a herbal blend of Burdock, Sheeps sorrel, Chaga, etc that was the saving grace of her people.. (Native) She called it essiac tea and it was for eradication of Cancer and reduction of tumors, also hydration as it was in a tea form. WE must have hydration as we are 94% saline and with out hydration we diminish in our health and our organs suffer… Remember the largest organ, our protector of all things, skin. Look at your hands. If they are wrinkled or tent when pinched, you need more hydration. If your outside is dehydrated, can you imagine your internal organs not being the same? So… She developed a great herbal concoction and it worked for many. She is famous, her name is Cassie..Essiac spelled backwards. A tincture made of these ingredients can be put in 8oz warm water and there is your tea. As many cups a day as possible and don’t stop. A great plant-based treatment.

Many forms of cancer are related to the inflammation factor. Inflammation strangles and chokes parts of our bodies causing our bodies to believe we must make more of those cells quickly to repair the overage of inflammatory process. We are fortunate to have cannabinoids available for our use to reduce inflammation and the production of inflammation in our systems. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a major player in reduction of inflammation almost instantly when used sublingually or topically. Remember topical absorption is effective as each cell touches another… the osmosis thing as all cells have a permeable phospholipid cell wall allowing transfer of materials quickly and effectively. Once again let’s utilize the elements fast, effective and easily. The next cannabinoid is CBG, Cannabigerol a powerhouse utilized for eradicating tumors and Cancer growth. Also, an effective antibacterial in systems and for healthy veins, capillaries, arteries and all types of circulation. CBG taken in conjunction with CBD is a win-win situation. Reduce inflammation and kill Cancer all in one fell swoop. An addition of THC or THCV will also be effective and when blended with CBD/CBG will mediate the psychoactive effect. It just goes to work. Sublingual use is great as it goes into effect instantly, topically is also effective thus alternative applications again may be used. A tincture, salve or tea of paw paw herb has also been effective in treatment of some forms of soft tissue cancer. Beast, soft organ etc.

A PD-1 Mismatch treatment study published in the New England Journal of Medicine clinical trial has been shown to irradicate soft tissue colon cancer. Not a form of Chemo!!!! Effective and no growth after 3 treatments and no growth after 36 months. I have this published study if an oncologist will administer. I would also look closely at this…

A study utilizing mistletoe has been found to be effective for many. I have reservations as clinical trials haven’t been completed. However, I am doing additional research at this juncture. Ivermectin (a cattle wormer) has shown promising results but again a clinical trial study/report hasn’t been completed and everything is not effective for all persons. Utilizing alkaline water as a form of hydration is effective in slightly elevating the ph to discourage growth in the cancer cell.

A heavy-metal detox foot and hand bath with a detox EO is beneficial to cleanse the system on a regular basis twice each week is recommended.

During the elimination of cancer causing foods and elements a 24 hour fast and increasing to a 36 hour fast is recommended as the systems will turn off and then on to be receptive for the upcoming treatments.

Additionally, Lymph Massage should be performed each day from the onset to expel the toxins that may retard the progress in this format. It is exceedingly simple and anyone can do this activity for themselves. To begin, spread your finger in a fan, place at the nape of the neck where the spine enters the head, with gentle pressure bring each hand forward (little finger following the jaw line) when at the trachea area slide down to the collarbone. Do this three times. Very important as there are 85 lymph glands in the neck area… No wonder its important it is closest to the brain… ever hear of Brain Fog?? Next, with the opposite hand separate the biceps and triceps muscles and draw the fingers towards the trunk, three times on each side. Next, the armpit/axillary area. Reach past the armpit and swipe up into the pit area with gentle pressure and draw forward to the cup of the breast. Do each side with the alternate hand and complete three times… Remember you are ridding your body of toxins to be absorbed into the blood stream and excreted out through the kidneys. Clean it Up!!!

Last the lower portion of the body. Begin just above the knee and inner thigh area, separate the abductor femoral muscle (the one on the top of the thigh) and with gentle pressure draw towards the crotch… You got it Three times each side. And WALA you have completed the lymph massage drainage activity. NOW, do this treatment three times each day… Recommended each time you urinate. Easy to remember and you can accomplish two things at the same time. Yeah!

A positive attitude and belief in your path chosen increases the effectiveness 10 to 15% and your body’s acceptance of the choice. Negativity only reduces your mental and physical state. Positive affirmations, meditation and being around other positive persons are the support we all need to be healthy and improve our balance of life. Read, make notes and questions then call. I’ll do my very best to provide a more concise explanation and assist in all ways. Begin Now! If any of these modalities would effect a change or help you, you’d want to try them wouldn’t you?

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