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Boosting Immunity Naturally: Navigating the World of Viruses and Bacteria with Plant-Based Solutions

Boosting Immunity Naturally: Navigating the World of Viruses and Bacteria with Plant-Based Solutions

Posted by Connie Jacoby, Naturopathic Healthcare Consultant on Feb 20th 2024

Viruses and Bacteria, just the words as they are said bring questions to mind. First, let us clarify-viruses are not able to multiply live without host(that’s you and I). Their airborne and utilize surface contact to become your friend!(We don’t want that friendship. Do you believe?) They can mutate in as little as 36 to 72 hours. If we utilize plant-based antivirals or other anti-viral ammunition we can minimize their effects on our health. As the virus mutates the ammunition becomes less effective therefore a change in antiviral is recommended to have the most effective knockdown power. Changing antivirals and their protocol will give the greater benefit. Hydration is also an extremely necessary as your body is 94% water and if dehydrated. Most viral onslaught will become worse. If our outward skin shows dehydration with tenting by just pinching the skin of your hand when laid flat and stays tented for more than three seconds, then you can rest assured that you are dehydrated. If you’re outward skin is dehydrated your internal organs are also dehydrated, your fluids in your body are more concentrated. I’m talking about your blood and your gut will not work as well, as it should. We should all drink more water and less fluids that dehydrate. Less diuretic fluids and fluids with a higher alkaline content will decrease the viruses ability to take hold and have you as a host. Green tea is also an antioxidant and a very good fluid to use to hydrate it. Assist in keeping your system more healthy as oxidation can be detrimental. Also. A virus typically will need to run its course. However, utilizing an infrared sauna boosting your immune system and maintaining good antiviral hygiene, try our wellness lotion as it is both antiviral and antibacterial. Okay. Now onto bacteria. OMG, you know, many types, gram-positive, gram-negative resistive and so much more. Antibacterials are divided into groups for other effectiveness and susceptibility in killing types of victory plant-based antibiotics can become combined to affect if the eradicate gram-negative gram-positive and colonization’s all-in-one antibacterial. These are plant-based materials like cryptolepis, Sida, Alchornea, Red Root, Isatis, Artemisia, Lomatium and others. A combination like C. S. A. Is effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacterium and is in antiviral also. Houttyania is exceedingly effective antiviral but also has antibacterial properties. Houttyania is a groundcover that is harvested for its antiviral properties and is effective against viruses like RSV, Covid, Corona, and other flu like virus and colds. Cryptolepis is an effective antibacterial and has been used against malaria, which is a viral based bacterium and pneumonia. Artemisia is a superpower house against fungus and parasites, along with sickle cell anemia and fungal infections. Mullein is a great antiviral for respiratory illnesses and a protectant. Respiratory therapie is a blend that we have that helps with intense respiratory difficulty due to virus and flu. A combination that can’t be beat. The list doesn’t stop here red root is extremely effective in numbers of bacterial types of infections. Sarcacena, Sinus Assist , and others are available. Please peruse our website for antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral essential oil based products like Wellness in a bottle, Congestaway, Allergy Sinus and others. If you have questions, please feel confident to email or give us a call 660-263-1033 or wisely botanicals@yahoo.com thank you for your attention,

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